Thirty for Thirty

Thirty.  The big three-oh.  Three decades…

Yes, readers, I am on the cusp of entering my thirties and, to be honest, I’m not mad keen on the idea.

It’s not the number as such, it’s just that it doesn’t fit with my identity.  If you asked me how old I am when I was in the middle of something I’d probably say “twenty-seven”.  In fact, there’s no “probably” about it, as this is something that happens regularly.  I’m not vanity-ageing:  I genuinely believe in those moments that it’s true.

It feels right to me – it feels like who I am.  So how can I make this line up with the truth?

The truth is, I don’t feel like the person who is staring back at me from the mirror.  I’d be fine with the idea of being thirty, if I felt I identified with that person.  I guess the real issue here is, I no longer identify with myself.  Time to go on a voyage of discovery.  And no, readers, I’m not having a mid-life crisis.  Even I’m not pessimistic enough to believe I’ll be dead by sixty!


So April is the month I turn thirty.  I had vaguely flirted with the idea of losing weight and getting a makeover by my thirtieth, but I’ve never been good with deadlines.  I was meant to lose weight for Tim’s wedding, then for Grace’s, then for my new job…it never happens.  Deciding to do it for my thirtieth hasn’t worked out either.  I am, therefore, trying a different tack:

Thirty for Thirty.

I want to do thirty things in my thirtieth year.  I’m not going to make a list of thirty things that I have to tick off…I did make a bucket list for things to do by the time I’m thirty and so far I’ve only ticked off three.  Instead, I’m going to make a list of all the things I’d love to to and see what works for me.


My Thirty for Thirty List:

  1. Lose 30 pounds.  I kinda like the poetry of this…I don’t like the fact that I’m a good 30 pounds over-weight but I do like the symmetry of losing thirty for my thirties!
  2. Grow my nails and get a manicure.
  3. Go on a romantic weekend break.
  4. Send a draft of my book to a publisher.
  5. Pay off my bank loan.
  6. Publish my own toy knitting patterns.
  7. Watch War and Peace (I Tivoed it last year…still haven’t gotten round to it).
  8. Visit the Iris Theatre in Covent Garden *I’ve done this before but I’d love to do it again)
  9. Make a quilt.
  10. Teach a craft class.
  11. Re-do the kitchen.
  12. Tame the garden
  13. Walk the South Downs.
  14. Walk the North Downs.
  15. See three good movies.
  16. Improve my piano playing.
  17. Achieve a tidy house.
  18. Do a charity cycle ride.
  19. Visit somewhere new.
  20. Karaoke!
  21. Ride on a boat.
  22. Ride on a steam train.
  23. Say hello to Kirstie Allsopp (as opposed to just gawping star-struck at The Handmade Fair)
  24. Read a shelf of books that I’ve been hoarding.
  25. See Waiting for Godot.
  26. Go salsa dancing.
  27. Write to a pen-pal.
  28. Finish the cross stitch Alan bought for me.
  29. Make a shelf-unit.
  30. Have a go at pottery.
  31. Do a craft fair.
  32. Volunteer at an animal sanctuary.
  33. Go on a bat walk.
  34. Pay it Forward.
  35. Surprise Alan somehow.
  36. Take on a new routine.
  37. Practise Mindfulness.
  38. Visit Bruges.
  39. Pay off the car (early!)
  40. Run a charity race.
  41. Move my Nursery Knits UK Blog to WordPress and invest in a proper package.
  42. Visit the National Gallery
  43. Visit the National Portrait Gallery
  44. Go on a barge
  45. Make a skirt.

Not a bad list so far!  Quite a mix of quick things and more challenging things.  One thing that’s certain, however, is that I’m going to lose thirty pounds in my thirtieth year.




Cue lots more blog posts on health and fitness!



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