Dreams don’t just come true – you have to participate.

It’s hard to believe just how much time has elapsed since I last wrote a blog entry.  However, this isn’t a bad thing.  You see, I’ve been listening to my friends and colleagues.

A keen crafter, I love making gifts for loved ones and friends.  Since last Summer, I’ve been making teddy-bears for women expecting babies at work and for friends who have been expecting as well.  They’ve been received with enthusiasm and lots of people have been telling me I should start selling my goods. Well, I’ve begun and that’s what’s kept me so busy for the last two months.

Have you ever done that thing where you discuss what you’d do if you ever won the lottery? If I won, I’d open a crafting cafe.  It would offer homemade cupcakes and goodies, with cups of tea and coffee but the twist would be the crafting.  One half of the cafe would be given over to classes in sewing, knitting and needlework, as well as informal “create and debate” sessions.  The back rooms of the cafe would be given over to messy play and to children’s craft sessions, where trained and CRB checked nursery nurses would teach little ones simple crafts and supervise messy-play sessions which would keep them occupied and stimulated and happy while their grown-ups relaxed and crafted in the main cafe.  The garden would be host to Easter egg hunts and theme days during the holidays and everyone would be welcome.

The thing is, why should I wait for a lottery win to start doing something I love? If I just carry on doing what I’m doing and not trying actively to make things happen, they won’t.  Dreams don’t just magically come true by themselves – you have to make them happen.


So in February, Nursery Knits UK was born.  The name was chosen with the help of my friends and family and, a month after it’s creation, the orders are starting to come in steadily.

It’s early days but I’m feeling such satisfaction at doing something I enjoy and sharing my crafts with others.

There you have it.  I’ve not been posting because I’ve been following my dreams and making time for my passions and things I love.




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