Squat and Sit-Up Bootcamp – FINISHED!

I can barely type this as my arms are still shaking from completing the final day of this challenge’s bootcamp but it’s not through weakness, or through pain: it’s through euphoria!

There have been times when I have seriously wanted to give up on this boot-camp, when I’ve knelt on the floor, panting, trying to work up the strength and determination to do those last three pushups, but I’ve got there and it feels incredible. I guess what I’ve proven most of all is that it really is a case of mind over matter.  My arms and legs were able to complete the challenge but had to compete with my mental reticence.  If I’d given into my mind, I never would have known just what my body is capable of and I’m excited to continue and see what comes next.

Physical benefits aside (my arms are slightly leaner but Jennifer Anniston has nothing to worry about, and the front of my thighs are amazingly firm), the mental benefits are seemingly boundless.  Every day when I ticked off my reps I felt triumphant.  Just knowing that I’ve completed a challenge which really was a challenge for me has made me feel like I can tackle anything (more to come on that later).  I finish each day with a real sense of achievement and, depending on when I do the challenge, start it too.

Yes, OK, if you’re going to be really nit-picky, I haven’t done 75 full push-ups just now.  But I’ve done 25 and 50 half push-ups.  Remember day three when I reported that I’d made it to 5 full push ups?  Exactly.

My only question now is, what next?  Once you’ve completed a bootcamp is that it?  Or should I continue every day doing 150 squats and 75 pushups?  Or should I just try and build squats and pushups into my every day routine so that I can sustain the habit?

I would definitely recommend this challenge!  Give it a go!



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