Carcise: Madness or Marvel?

I was driving along one cold winter’s morning, drumming my fingers impatiently on the steering-wheel because I wasn’t actually driving anywhere having been parked on the M25 for an hour, when something on the radio caught my attention.  The presenter was having a discussion about building exercise into already crammed days and the idea of exercising while driving came up.

Ludicrous as it sounds, I was intrigued.

Obviously, you’ve got to be super careful and sensible if you’re going to try anything like this when in the car but one particular exercise sounded like a good idea – apparently a gentle rocking back and forth while stationary could be a good exercise to do in the car.  So, for the past week, I’ve committed myself to rocking back and forth, using my tummy not my hands on the wheel to do it.  Here are my findings:

More is More

At first, I couldn’t feel anything – no muscles working, no sense of actually doing anything and I wondered if it was a waste of my time.  However, by the time a track had finished on the radio, I was feeling that dull ache that you’d usually get after doing 20 or so full sit-ups.  3.5 minutes of rocking back and forth apparently (and I suppose logically) does actually work your muscles.  I determined then to rock to one track in the morning and one track in the evening every day.

Loosen your Grip

If this is going to work don’t grip onto the steering wheel as you’ll be tempted to use your arms to pull yourself forwards.  Relax your hold and remember not to do this while the car is moving.

People will think you’ve Lost your Grip…

…on reality!  The only problem with doing this while parked in traffic is that people can see you.  I felt really self-conscious as I stared fixedly ahead of me, trying to ignore the gawping of the drivers to my left and right while simultaneously avoiding eye-contact with the driver in front who was frowning at me through their rear-view mirror.

It actually works!

After two tracks of rocking a day, for five consecutive days, I can feel the first twinges of that pleasant tummy-tightening feeling that I last got after embarking on an abs challenge.  I have no doubt that, after another few weeks, I’ll start to see some results as well as feel them.


Car-cise- marvel or madness?  At the moment I’m undecided, although my fellow commuters definitely seemed to marvel at my mad antics!





5 thoughts on “Carcise: Madness or Marvel?

  1. What a great topic! I love carcise (didn’t know there was a word for it) when I’m on the motorway! I tend to do three different things:
    1. Leg raises – I take the car out of gear for this when stationary, otherwise I wait til I’m cruising! One leg at a time, I lift them slightly off the floor of the car using my stomach muscles and hold them there for thirty seconds then release. Repeat as necessary (or until things start moving in front of me)
    2. Glute tenses – I squeeze my bum muscles and hold for thirty seconds, then release. Repeat as necessary.
    3. Heel-and-toes – I alternate putting my heel and toe on the floor of the car to flex and get the blood moving (and this is my number 1 move to avoid shin splints with other exercise).
    I’m going to try the rocking one maybe late at night.


    1. Hi Skatergrrrl! I don’t think there is a word for it to be honest – I just made it up hehe. Thanks for your comment – it’s interesting to hear your own carcises and I think I’ll try them – particularly as they’re more discrete!

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