A Guddle and a Bourach: Choosing the Right Word for Every Occasion

Fascinating post about words we don’t have but really should!

The Bookshelf

Over the Christmas break I was delighted to read a couple of books, one of which was a gift entitled “The Greeks Had a Word For It – Words You Never Knew You Can’t Do Without” by Andrew Taylor.

It’s an ideal book for me, given that it’s all about words, and foreign words at that. It’s also an ideal book for the Christmas break – short chapters, interesting subject matter and easily picked up in those sleepy days between Christmas and New Year amidst the serious business of polishing off the tubs of Cadbury’s Roses.

It contains short essays on about fifty foreign words for which a case can be made to adopt them into English.  All of these words are hard to translate because they have no direct counterpart.  However, as the author points out, a word that’s hard to translate into English may of course have the…

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