Squat and Pushup Bootcamp Challenge Day 3

Proudly showing hubby my pushups and…

…falling flat on my face…

Apparently it takes time to build up strength in your upper arms.

Day 3 requires a total of 16 pushups. By now, if you’ve not done pushups before, it is highly likely that your arms ache. Squats are simple enough because your legs are used to bearing your bodyweight, but your arms aren’t.

Tonight I forgot to do the challenge, but forced myself out of bed to do it. Feeling virtuous and confident, I performed the pushups in our bedroom, in full view of DH who looked impressed to start with.





My poor aching arms has wobbled and given way, leaving me to land rather heavily face down on the carpet.
At this point, you might feel like giving up – I certainly did – but don’t. Where is it written that you have to do full pushups? Vary the exercise to suit you.

I completed tonight’s challenge by performing what I call half pushups: I kept my knees on the floor, feet raised, and pushed up using my arms as normal. It was still working my arms but saved my dignity and pain until such time as my strength builds up.

Remember also why you started. When you feel like giving up, take time to reflect on your goal. Why is it important to you?


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