Exercise Challenge: Squat and Push-up 31 Day Bootcamp


Day 1: Beginning

I am posed with something of a problem. One of my resolutions is to continue with the good habits I made last year and one such habit has been to perform 50-100 squats while cleaning my teeth before bed at night. In order to do this new challenge, I’m uncertain whether or not to continue with my own regime as well or abandon it in the interests of research and giving it a fair trial.

For now, I’ve started the first day of boot camp in the morning. My first criticism is the ambiguity of the instructions. It took me a while to fathom what a set actually was but I’ve plumped for repeating the exercise on the calendar once. Ergo I’ve done 24 squats and 10 pushups.

For someone with zero upper body strength, the pushups have presented me with a real challenge. It was a huge help to see a video on the website (named at the bottom of the calendar image) guiding you through the correct form for a pushup. As I discovered last year during the 30 Days to 200 Squats challenge, just throwing yourself into these things can be painful and even dangerous (see my posts on cramp and on the squat challenge).

I don’t do before and after photos for two reasons:
1) I’m a teacher and have to be careful what I put on the web
2) it’s not helpful to measure your own progress against others. Your results from this challenge may surpass mine – congratulations if they do – but you also may not see as marked results as mine and that could be demotivating.

Progress not perfection!

My win for the day? Getting through both sets of 5 pushups. Off to stretch now as my triceps are complaining bitterly!

Day 2

With regards to my dilemma of yesterday, I have decided that, in the interests of assessing the bootcamp properly, I will forgo my squats in the evening.

I need to research into stretches for the arms. Well, not so much the arms as the under-arms..mine ache from the pushups and.it’s only day 2! I’ll post.what I discover here later.

As I struggled to complete today’s push-ups, I thought about my motivation… The desire to tone my upper arms. I knew before Christmas what the first challenge of 2016 should be. It was during a dance class that I was teaching. I was dancing as man, taking one of my adult students through a particularly fast part of a sequence quickstep that it happened.
Joy is only a little thing, five foot nothing if she’s lucky, and I am taller, stronger and faster. She was gripping onto my arm with her resting hand but, as we swayed into a tipple chassi, she started to slip, and slip, and slip a little more. In horror I realised that she was trying to get a better grip and, with one last heel lead, it happened…

She found her grip

On my ‘bingo wing’!

I was utterly mortified – I knew I had bigger arms but to know that there’s enough for someone to hang onto? Eek!

I hope you’re able to chuckle about this – I am 🙂 it’s provided me with helpful motivation to keep going.

What motivates you?


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