Streamlining: Money, Time, Waistline!

Yes, readers, once again I’m taking part in the annual ritual of resolving to self-improve!  Like thousands of other hopefuls, I am making resolutions and crossing everything that I will manage to keep them.

And you know what?  I know for a fact that I’m not alone.  Wordpress reliably informs me that more and more people have been checking out my fitness challenge posts and product review posts as we stop thinking about how much we love Christmas pudding and start to evaluate how uch we’re looking like Christmas puddings!  So, here we go –  a new year of challenges, reviews and reflections!

Last year the theme of my resolutions was “Progress not Perfection”.  My colleagues insisted that this was cheating as they felt that resolutions should be strict and guaranteed to make you miserable.  However, look who’s laughing now?  All 10 of my resolutions are intact.  I’ve had a fabulous year and, the icing on the cake?  I’ve lost a stone and am now a size 12.

This year’s theme is “Streamlining”.  I want to become more efficient in three aspects of my life:  finances, fitness and organisation.

As last year, I will be helped along the way by Pinterest.

Keep an eye on my blog for some of these forthcoming posts:

Product Review Series

Product Review #3:  Pineapple Thigh and Arm Toner

Product Review #4:  Resistance Bands

Product Review #5: Kettle Bells

Challenge Series

Challenge #3: Squat and Push Up 31 Day Boot Camp

Challenge #4 Muffin Top Work Out

NEW! Budgeting for Beginners Series:  Tips Tried and Tested


Happy New Year Everyone!



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