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What Road Are You Taking? –

When I started flicking through reader this evening, this quotation leapt out at me.
It seems particularly apt because of my own interest in happiness and becoming the best version of myself. The sentiment resonates as I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about happiness lately. DH and I have just purchased our first house and I am thrilled with it but I’m also stressed by it and a little sad that DH and I are feeling the pressures that come with buying a property. I guess I always thought that happiness lay in achievement but I’ve been proved wrong time and time again. I used to believe that becoming a teacher would secure my happiness but, while I’m lucky in my career, it seems to have brought a deal of unhappiness with it. It’s the same with the house – DH and I seemed to view buying a house as the THE thing. The key. Perhaps happiness doesn’t come from an end product, but rather in the pursuit of a goal. In essence, happiness is the journey; as the quotation says, the path.

Gretchen Rubin echoes this idea on.her book: The Happiness Project, referenced in another post.


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  1. I am finding this too and it’s a challenge as in some ways it’s easier to focus on an aspect and think “if only I get this fixed, everything will be fine.” However, aspects which niggle at me mean that they need tweaking. It’s just that sorting them out will not lead to happiness which is to do with the process. IMHO!


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