Moving House: A Beginner’s Guide to Buying your First Home. Introduction.

My new blog site on buying your first home!


Why this blog?

I remember reading somewhere, sometime, that the three most stressful things you can do are marry, move house and divorce.

I thought they came in that order because people move all the time, marrying is something aspirational and also the biggest day of your life, and divorce is something no one hopes to do so we’ll tuck it on the end and get over it quickly.  Last Friday DH and I completed on our first home together (that is truly ours, not rented) and I am beginning to see a new link between the last two items on the list!

Of course, I am not meaning to imply that our marriage is in danger, but DH and I have been very short tempered with ourselves, the house, and each other.  That said, I think that things could have been much worse had I not spent so much…

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