Should you grab life by the bells? Science and kettlebells!

After a reader of mine recommended adding the use of kettlebells to my routine, I decided to do some research into it. Luckily for me, this has already been done by “Is it Healthful”. Suffice to say that the research contained within this blog has reassured me that I won’t do myself any harm and I’m keen to try it out, particularly as some studies suggest a reduced neck and back pain – something I suffer from as a result of long hours hunched at a desk, or bent over students’ work.

Is it healthful?

As I finish my morning run, my eyes become drawn to a group of young and trendies in a circle. They’re swinging what looks like a kettle up and down and I can only presume they must be in a who can damage their back the most contest.  As a physiotherapist and low back pain sufferer, I cringe. No, wrong, I feel physically ill.  I want to intervene, but I fear these kettlebell wielding youths will turn on me. What I do next will shock you!

Yes, I go inside to research kettlebells.

I put in a paragraph there to give you sufficient time to be shocked. Did I come out minutes later with a barrage of scientific evidence to fire at these yucky yuppies? Read on to find out!


Kettlebells and exercise performance:

I was certain these kettlebellers were damaging their backs, so I thought I’d have a bit of a gander (look) at what…

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