Product Review #2 – Pedometer by V-Fit

As you know, I was impressed by the pedometer app’s simplicity and no-fuss approach but concerned over its accuracy when in a handbag. For that reason, I was keen to try out a pedometer that I didn’t feel the need to hold in my hand constantly.

It’s small and clips onto your clothing. It promised to demonstrate stride, steps, calories and distance – just like Taytau’s pedometer app. In addition, it also offers the option to programme in your personal data such as weight, in order to track progress more accurately.  At £9.99 from Argos, it was also fairly budget-friendly.

vfit pedometer

First Impressions

I was impressed by the size but found the instruction booklet to be fairly complex. As an English teacher, comprehension is a strong point but I admit to being confused as to exactly how to move between functions.  There is a handy reminder inside the lid of the pedometer but apart from “cal”, which shows up fairly easily, it’s hard to work out what exactly you’re looking at each time.


  • the size
  • the price
  • the promised functions


The clip isn’t particularly good and this meant that, depending on what material I wore, I was constantly attaching it.  I found it to be most successful with jeans but, frustratingly, not successful at all on my actual fitness gear. It also isn’t particularly comfortable to wear as it digs into you, if you’ve had to hook it over a waist-band.

The sensitivity doesn’t seem to be particularly good either, as I kept finding that it had turned itself off.

Another problem I had is that it would also reset itself during walks so I wasn’t certain at any point of my steps or progress.

Would I Recommend it?

Honestly, no. I bought it a while back and was so put off by the problems I encountered that it’s sat on the bookshelf for a fair while gathering dust. Although it was budget friendly, if you buy something and don’t use it, it’s still a waste.

Compared to the App…

I used both the app and the pedometer on a walk to town today and my findings were interesting.

Both disagreed on pretty much every point.  From what I can make out, the pedometer thinks I walked 3082 steps, whereas the app was of the opinion that I’d walked 2861 steps.  I’m really not sure what to make of this, as I’ve counted my steps along with the app before and found it to be pretty spot on.  You’d think that a gadget specifically designed for purpose would be more accurate than an app on a smartphone but it appears not.

Another discrepancy was with the calories burned.  The pedometer thinks 85.6 cals in 28m, whereas the app (which I switched on after the pedometer), recorded 115 cal in 29m.  As a well-padded person, naturally I want to believe the app.  In addition, as the app was put on after the pedometer but thinks it ran for more (I’ve always found it to be accurate so far), I’m inclined to believe the app.

Looking at customer reviews on the Argos website, people seem to agree with me.  One customer wrote in March 2015 that they: “returned this product as it wasn’t very accurate”.  According to this customer, 1 mile was recorded as 1300 steps but 2 miles came in at 1800 steps.  They also agreed with me that it fell off.

A second customer (27 Jan 2015) found the product “very difficult to set up”, which reassures me that I’m not the only one struggling with this gadget.  A third reported that it kept falling off and a fourth describes it as “temperamental”.

Now, I’m no sports gadget expert and I’m definitely not technologically minded.  I’m going to give the V-Fit pedometer to a friend to try and see what she thinks.  She is a keen walker and her husband and son both participate in triathalons and cross-country running, so perhaps a more expert opinion might develop this review further.


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