Feet before Fashion

Today I completed my longest walk at my fastest pace – I did 5k in an hour!  I’m thrilled that I managed this PB (check out me and my acronyms!), but it came at a price.


You see, today’s walk was not my usual yomp around the park.  Today I was walking into the local town to purchase some school supplies: namely an A2 sketch-pad on which to make Anchor Charts (there’s a fabulous blog about these for anyone who teaches and might be interested – I’ll put the link in here later).  This meant that I was not wearing my usual fitness gear with my well-loved, four-year-old, holey Asics (I’ve banned the word exercise, see Eat, Train, Love) but a light cotton summer dress, cardigan and ballet pumps.

Big mistake.

Prior to leaving, I’d asked my DH whether he thought I could get away with wearing my blue deck-shoes with said summer dress, aware that they would probably be more practical than the thin, flat pumps.  However, we both agreed that I looked pretty rough, so I popped the deck shoes back into the shoe-cabinet and slipped into my pretty pumps.  Locking the door behind me and switching on my pedometer app (see product review #1), I set off into the glorious spring sunshine.

I first started to regret my impractical clothing when a particularly playful gust of wind decided to lift up the skirt of my summer-dress as I was walking briskly down the street.  Despite my best efforts, I somehow don’t think that I looked like this:


The cardigan was swiftly removed and secured around my waist, which had the effect of weighting down my skirt at the back – crisis averted!  Mind you, I think it would have been more unpleasant for people walking behind me than it would have been embarrassing for me!

Skirt secured, I continued on my walk, determined to check my pedometer app at the halfway point to see an average speed of 5km/h.  Having collected my school supplies and picked up some juicy, plump, British strawberries (buy local, people!), I happily yomped home, blissfully unaware of the pain which awaited me; it was only when I kicked off my shoes and stepped onto the carpet that I realised the true cost of fashion over function.

I think that, as this walking thing is becoming a bit of a habit, it might be time to say a fond farewell to my worn and holey Asics and invest in another pair of decent trainers.  I’ve avoided doing so thus far because I thought that it would be a bit of a waste and also, once you’ve found something truly comfortable, it’s hard to let them go and choose something new.  Having wide-feet, I’d definitely recommend Asics again.  They were super comfy and when I walked, well, they were so supportive and springy that I actually wanted to run!

So it appears that I’ve learned an important lesson, if you plan on walking for any distance other than a gentle stroll along the promenade or a mooch through the shops at a leisurely pace, make sure you’re wearing sensible footwear.  You’ve got to take care of your feet, especially if you want to try and improve your fitness.  I definitely am not looking forward to this afternoon’s bike ride now.  One thing’s for certain – I’ll look a lot more daft tomorrow limping around my classroom in front of colleagues and the critical gaze of teenagers than I would have done wearing deck shoes with my pretty dress today.

Oh, and one last thing – don’t wear a thin dress on a windy day!


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