Product Review #1: Pedometer App (by tayutau)

What the App Does

This app allows you to track your steps but also distance covered, calories burned, average walking speed and time spent walking.  The graph display allows you to see your progress for each of these categories over the time period the app runs for.

How does it work?

Simply open the app, press start and then either hold it in your hand or pop it into your pocket or bag and forget about it!  Even if your screen is off, or you use other apps or functions on your phone, it continues tracking until you press stop.

How much is it?

It’s free!  What I like best about it is that, unlike so many apps, it doesn’t require any special permissions to work.  It doesn’t want to see your photos, track your location, see your caller ID or any of the other bizarre information that so many apps demand.  I’m a bit of a security-conscious person so I won’t install an app if it wants anything like that.

What do I like about it?

I like that it runs in the background and I don’t have to constantly have it in my hand for it to work.  I also like how visual it is and how simple it is to work.  Press start, start walking, and everything else is done for you.

I also like that you can track by day, week or even month!  Seeing as I’m interested in increasing my fitness, it’s great to compare times for the same distance or to see how much more active I’m being each day.  My job can be quite sedentary (I’m a teacher so spend a lot of time marking and planning) but I intend to try and move around the classroom more and only spend 10m per hour sat at my desk while teaching.  This will be a great way to track this.


If you’re after something 100% accurate then this may not be for you.  I had the app open in my hand when I got through the door and it counted me taking my shoes off as steps.  I’m not sure how accurate it would be at tracking steps while it’s bouncing around in your handbag!  However, as a guide and a fun simple way to track progress, I like it!

I was out for 30m and it took about 4 percent of my battery life so I’m not sure how much I would leave it on for just on a daily basis.  However, I most likely had other apps running in the background which makes a difference.

Who is this suited to?

I’d recommend it to anyone who is interested in improving their fitness and wants a simple way to track their progress.  It’s probably not for dedicated athletes and, as I walked uphill and on level ground, I’m not so certain the calorie counter is accurate either so if you’re tracking every calorie like an obsessive then this may not be for you either.  However, I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone else.  Big thumbs up from me on day 1 and I’ll update this review after a month or so of continued use.


Find this post useful? Look out for further fitness product reviews in 2016! First up: resistance bands.


4 thoughts on “Product Review #1: Pedometer App (by tayutau)

  1. This apps can be installed on my Lenovo Yoga 8 tablet, but would not install on my phone Blu Studio Energy running Android 4.4.2.

    Can the author fix this?
    Thanks a bundle.



    1. I’m afraid you’d have to send your enquiry to the app’s creators. This is just a.consumer review and I have no link or affiliation with taytau. Hope you get the answer you’re looking for from them.
      Petal x


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